Our website is currently on consturction.
 Feel free to have a sneak preview 
at our new site; core.vegafarm.com.

Vega Farm Inc.

Fowl? Just what you needed.


Our website is currently on consturction. Feel free to have a sneak preview at our new site; core.vegafarm.com. 

Website Updates

Hello everyone! It has been a busy year for me, but i finally have had some time to update my website. I will be changing numerous amount of things on this website. I will add blogs, photo albums, web store, help info, pdf's, how to's and so on. I will be updating stuff on here, that i have completed. If you become a member, i will keep you updated by email.  

 I will discontinue to update "www.fowltalkmagazine.com. If you would like me to start again, please email me at [email protected]    

July 18, 2012 - New website design, new pictures, and some more editing to complete. Please be patient with us, feel free to contact me if you have any questions! [email protected] 

Recent Photos

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